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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Nashville, TN

Good oral care that keeps your teeth and gums healthy doesn’t come cheap. But the costs are more manageable if you have a dental benefits plan, which lowers out-of-pocket spending. We researched the best dental insurance in Nashville so you’re covered on the next trip to the dentist.

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How to choose dental insurance in Nashville

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No matter how healthy your teeth and gums are, it's important to visit a dentist regularly for preventive care. And nearly everyone will need dental treatment at some point, whether it’s for tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease or oral cancer.

Trips to the dentist are expensive, so it helps to have benefits to contribute toward the costs. About 3 of every 4 people in the U.S. have a dental plan.

As you search for dental insurance in Nashville, you’ll have various options, including joining a dental savings plan.

Type of plan Advantages Disadvantages
Dental PPO In- and out-of-network benefits; strong coverage levels; lower premiums than indemnity Annual maximum; higher premiums than HMO
Dental indemnity Visit any provider; high levels of coverage; smaller deductible than PPO Highest premiums; annual maximum; no network-negotiated discounts
Dental HMO Lowest monthly premiums; no annual maximum or deductible; no cost for preventive services No benefits for going out of network; less coverage for basic and major procedures
Dental savings Cheaper than insurance; discounted prices for services; no waiting periods; no deductible; no annual maximum No cost-sharing; you are responsible for 100 percent of cost; must use in-network dentist

Most dental insurance plans in Nashville will cover preventive care — regular checkups, cleanings and X-rays — at 100 percent, with no deductible. The amount you pay for other services depends on whether you have a deductible and the copayment or coinsurance amounts specified by your plan. Plans commonly include an annual maximum benefit.

Before signing up for dental insurance in Nashville, find out about waiting periods for certain services. You can usually get preventive care immediately but must wait six months to a year for other coverage. One of the advantages of dental savings plans in Nashville is they have no waiting period.

How much is dental insurance in Nashville?

The cost of dental insurance in Nashville depends on the type of plan you select, your age, whether you use tobacco and whether you are buying individual or family coverage. A 40-year-old male who doesn’t use tobacco buying an individual policy can expect premiums of $10 - $40 per month.

A dental savings plan for the same individual costs $80 - $200 per year.

Regardless of the type of dental benefit you choose, make sure you understand the terms of the plan completely. If you have a preferred dentist, don’t forget to check the list of providers to see if he or she is included.

Dental Insurance Reviews


1Dental.com offers dental savings plans that give you discounts of 15 - 60 percent on services from a wide network of dentists. Nashville customers choose between two plans. There are no waiting periods, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no limits to how often you can use the benefits. Reviewers praise helpful 1Dental.com representatives and easy sign-up.



Since 1999 over 1 million customers have used dental savings plans from DentalPlans.com. Select from over 20 plans in Nashville, and start saving 10 - 60 percent on most dental procedures right away. DentalPlans.com matches competitors’ prices and lets members switch plans anytime. Reviewers are happy with DentalPlans.com, mentioning significant discounts.



UnitedHealthcare offers stand-alone dental coverage with no deductible or waiting periods for preventive services. Get a fast quote and find a plan in Nashville that meets your needs and budget. Basic and major services are also covered, and you can add an optional vision benefit. Reviewers like how routine care is covered 100 percent, but some in Middle Tennessee have had challenges reaching customer service.