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Find the Best Plumbers in Nashville, TN

Choosing a plumber is an important decision that affects both homeowners and renters. We researched the best plumbers in Nashville to help you find the right professional to fix that leaky faucet, clogged toilet or other messy plumbing problem.

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Finding plumbers in Nashville

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At some point, every customer of the Metro Water Department in Nashville will need to install a new plumbing fixture or make an emergency repair.

Common plumbing issues in Nashville involve leaky or corroded piping in older homes, like in Hillsboro Village or the City of Belle Meade. Many of the homes in these neighborhoods were built between the 1920s and 1960s.

A plumbing project may require a permit from the Metropolitan Nashville Codes Administration office. They issue permits for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. The minimum fee per plumbing permit is $75. Your contractor should be familiar with what’s needed to complete this paperwork, if necessary.

No permit is needed for normal plumbing maintenance or repair. However, when installing a new system that connects with the public sewer system, area storm or septic drains, or sewage disposal systems, a plumbing permit is required. In addition, the plumbing contractor must be licensed. This does not apply to work done by homeowners for their own residences.

In Nashville, costs vary depending on what you need. Prices for residential plumbing services usually include labor, but emergency calls or overtime (nights and weekends) may be charged extra.

Plumbing services and costs in Nashville

Service Average rates Details
Residential plumbers $65 per hour Plus parts and material
Commercial plumbers $85 per hour Plus parts and materials
Clearing drain clog or blockage $115 fixed fee Unclog sink/tub/shower
Toilet installation or replacement $133 fixed fee Labor only with toilet pre-purchased
Bathtub installation $1,771 fixed fee for acrylic tub Plus labor if needing to uninstall original
Septic system installation $6,695 fixed fee for new conventional system Based on 3-bedroom house
Water main installation $35 per linear foot N/A

Nashville Plumbers Reviews


Roto-Rooter is fast to have a professional plumber on the scene when an emergency strikes. When one Nashville customer had a corroded pipe break at 11 p.m., the company sent someone who fixed the issue that night. While some reviewers complain about the prices, the majority say you are paying for an impressive service.


Morton Plumbing

Most online reviewers agree that Morton Plumbing works quickly and professionally. Their only negative feedback comes from those who were left with a mess following service. Ultimately, these are local plumbers who complete the fix, but may leave some clean-up work behind for the customer.

Morton Plumbing

Holt Plumbing

Costs with Holt Plumbing are transparent and reasonable according to online reviewers of this family-owned company. Nashville reviewers, however, have varying degrees of satisfaction with the company’s customer service, which depends on who picks up the phone. Difficulties guaranteeing appointment times seem to be a recurring issue as well.

Holt Plumbing